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From Eroica With Love #15


Summary by Mme Cusack


Berlin, Republic of Germany.

Dorian sighed admiringly at the exquisite Byzantine icon in his hand. "I must thank the collapse of the Soviet Union for the chance to get hold of an icon like this." The antique shop owner suggested Dorian that it was time to go to Russia where treasured art objects were being sold for quick money. It was also, he added, a good time for armory collectors to buy the weapons from the former Soviet military.

At a nearby flea market, Bonham and James were window-shopping those military goods from Russia. The market carried anything from practice grenades to uniforms, badges, to SVTs (Tokarev). Toying with the former KGB badges, James wondered what Mischa the Cub and Polar Bear were doing now in the reformed country. Bonham explained to him that they were still active as the intelligence agents for the Exterior Information Department (EID) under the Russian government.

"Why, a toilet bug is infesting the flea market!" Someone hissed behind James. It was Agent G teamed up with Z, investigating dangerous movements of the Neo-Nazis of the former East Germany. G chased Z away for further works, and hurried himself to the antique shop to meet the Earl.

G stuck his head in the shop and winked at Eroica. The two rejoiced at the reunion. The transvestite agent let the Earl know that the Major was in Russia on some mission. Dorian decided at once to go to the country to look for more treasure and see his old flame after a lengthy (eight years) absence.

Dorian explained to Bonham and James that they would depart to Russia "to protect precious art in Russia from snobbish Americans and Japanese investors," yet another motive was left unsaid. While Dorian's high spirits made Bonham suspicious, James was easily tempted by the anticipation of Aeroflot's poor services -- he had a weakness for the airline's muddy coffee and shriveled meals.

Red Square in Moscow. Iron Klaus had an unpleasant meeting with Mischa and Polar Bear to discuss the mission on which they were forced to cooperate with each other.

It was known to them that a Neo-Nazi group of the former East Germany had ordered refined plutonium from a smuggling organization in East Europe. A Russian engineer, who was a party to the plot, stole a plutonium from a shut- down nuclear weapon factory of the former USSR and disappeared. NATO's task was to uncover the smuggling network and confiscate the plutonium before the Neo-Nazis got hold of it, whereas the former KGB was assigned to collect information on the organization and give it to NATO. According to the Chief's suggestion, Klaus duly came to Moscow to obtain some information, not anticipating much.

The problem was that the Russians had no intention of disclosing a thing to NATO Intelligence. In fact, the EID arrested and interrogated a member of the smuggling group who had contacted the engineer; they learned from him the deadly fact that the mastermind of the underground network was a dangerous survivor of the Ceausescu government of Romania, the head of their secret police who had been believed to be killed at the coup d'etat. The old man with a charmed life was also a sworn enemy of the former KGB, for some of the KGB's operatives were murdered by Ceausescu's secret police. The Russians were determined to reveal and destroy the network on their own to protect their national dignity and retaliate against the old man. Polar Bear lied to Klaus that they couldn't apprehend the smuggler and that they had no clue yet.

Klaus was well aware of what the Russian bears were up to. "You bugged my room, yet provide me with no lead. Guess the KGB spirit is forever, ja?" He bellowed, "It's me who's got to clean up the mess that Russia discharged!"

Mischa retorted contemptuously, "Don't bother. We'll take care of the case on our honour, so why don't you go home and catch the Neo- Nazis, on Germany's honor? Even if the Cold War is over, you're not even our ally. We're not so generous as to forget about our past grudge."

The sounds of a camera shutter feinted the ominous tension between them. Eroica was waving at them smiling, accompanied by Bonham holding the camera. Dorian requested Bonham to take a picture of him with the Big Three, who, at the sight of the approaching thief, started to run in all directions looking for the police. Dorian followed the Major to the tourist center. Klaus crossly inquired Dorian the purpose of his visit to Russia.

"To buy some art. You are still single, yes? Not promoted yet? Still working under the homo Chief? It's been such a long time. Let's have a tea or something."

Instead of a tea room, Klaus took Dorian to a vending machine for Nescafe Gold Blend. Observing Dorian drinking a dubious cup of coffee, Klaus suggested him to go to the hinterland in Siberia where he might find plenty of obscene male nude paintings.

"You want to get rid of me, don't you?" frowned Eroica. Klaus answered in the affirmative and yelled at him to get lost.

A came with the report from Berlin that the police failed to catch the Neo- Nazis: their hideout was already empty when they made a raid. Klaus ordered the team of Agent C and D to stay in Moscow and keep an eye on the Russians who should have something on them. He flew directly to Berlin.

The Major's heartless attitude didn't discourage Dorian in his pursuit of beautiful objects. He found several superb items at an illicit art dealer. Particularly, a reliquary casket allegedly stolen from the Kremlin Palace captivated his heart. He paid a deposit for the casket and three icons (to nick later), ignoring James's protest. There was one problem, though: the dealer's own black route didn't cover beyond Romania, and it would cost twice as much to have them delivered to London. James insisted that they should go to Romania and pick up the items themselves, but Dorian was reluctant to travel the uncharted country. Watching them argue, one of the illicit art sellers suggested that they might want to join a package bus tour called "Dracula Tour" that departed the international airport in Bucharest and carried them to Transylvania, while the dealer would transport Dorian's purchase to the storehouse in the south Carpathian mountains. On the third day of the tour, the bus would take them to Sighisoara, the town one hour away from the storehouse. The date and time of the delivery would be notified later, he said. Dorian agreed.

At a hotel room in Moscow. While James spun his absurd plan to capture vampires and make money out of them, Dorian and Bonham worked out a scheme to get rid of James as soon as they arrived in the Bucharest airport. They would pay some extra to the poor tour conductor and thrust James on the group, rent a car, and head for the rendezvous point to steal the items.

Berlin. Klaus and his men were at HQ of Berlin Police Department where they were investigating the items left in the hideout of the Neo-Nazis. On the charred papers as the remains of their attempt to destroy evidence, the police team spotted a nickname or a code name of the person who was supposed to control the smuggling network: "Nosferatu." Then, the report from C arrived to the Major that Mischa and his men were heading for Bucharest. The data room staff ran the search for "'Nosferatu' in Romania," which yielded one and only clear suspect:

Constantin Lepasque
Romanian, male
The head of the secret police under the dictatorship of Ceausescu. Nothing has been heard of him since the coup d'etat in 1989.

Further search revealed the evil deeds that the eighty year old had committed in the past under the Ceausescu government. Smuggling nuclear weapons for the terrorist group advocating ethnic cleansing was an apt job for the retired SP who used to devote himself to cracking down on anti-government groups. The intelligence organizations of the former Eastern bloc also had taken beatings by him, which convinced Klaus of the reason why the former KGB refused to disclose the information to NATO; they were out to seek vengeance on the Romanian.

Klaus assumed that the escaped Neo-Nazis had also headed for Romania. While Klaus was briefing with the alphabets, the recent photo of Nosferatu - a paper- mached skull - arrived. NATO team's three opponents (the Neo-Nazis, Nosferatu, and Mischa) turned out all skinheads. The Major flew to Bucharest with the alphabets.

Bucharest, Romania, Otopeni International airport. While waiting for the Major, Agent C observed the members of the peculiar "Dracula Tour." Agent D came back from the rent-a-car service counter with the report that Mischa and his men had rented four-wheel drives and left for the direction of the south Carpathian mountains. A man prating on his plan about captured vampires in the midst of the tour group caught their attention. It was James, and his presence was apparently harassing the tour members and the conductor. Where there was James, there should be the Earl and Bonham. C and D approached the poor tour conductor and asked where had gone the flashy man with curly blond hair and a middle-aged man with moustache.

"They disappeared as soon as they arrived at the airport!" complained the conductor. "They said they would go straight to Sighisoara, thrust the man to me and ran off!"

C and D looked at each other. Sighisoara was in the middle of the south Carpathian mountains. C caught the sight of the Major who just arrived at the airport from Berlin, and rushed to tell him the news.

At the Major's instructions, the alphabets lured James with some coins, wrapped him in newspaper, threw the bundle in the restroom and put up the "Cleaning / Do Not Enter" signboard in front of the entrance. In the ad-lib interrogation room, James talked everything he knew about Dorian's plan at the verbal promise of the Major that he' d be given the leftover plane food squished and mashed in the Major's pocket.

It was too early to speculate whether the smuggling route of the plutonium and that of Eroica's art objects were the same, but the fact that Mischa and Eroica were bound for the same direction was highly suggestive. Unlucky C and D were ordered to join the Dracula tour as the keepers of James, and to wait for Eroica to get in touch with him.

Klaus set out on the journey to the south Carpathian mountains with A&B in an old sedan. He reminded them that they had to catch Eroica if they found him on the way, as the thief considered it his duty to throw their mission into confusion, whatever his objective in this country was.

In the meantime, the Earl and Bonham were in a bit of a bind in countryside. Their car ran out of petrol in the middle of nowhere. "I thought there'd be stations in the mountains," said Bonham apologetically to cross-looking Dorian.

There was no car, let alone a petrol station, but a group of ruddy-faced locals and a cow curiously watching them at a distance. They asked the villagers how far the nearest station was. A farmer said that the station was "beyond that mountain," and another pointed his finger "over that ridge" for the direction of the house with a telephone. After some merry exchanges with the villagers, the two followed their suggestion to hurry to borrow the telephone, as "Vampires will come get you when the night falls!"

Jokes aside, the eeriness of the dense wood was worthy of the vampire legends. "It'd be mighty scary when it's dark," said Dorian. "Let's hurry." When Bonham started running, Dorian stopped him. "Bonham, behind that tree!" Bonham's red hair bristled up. "Vampires!?"

It was a jeep parked with no one inside. Bonham grinned and whispered to Eroica that they could steal it if it had petrol in.

"That's our car," a threatening voice warned behind them. They turned around and found themselves facing a couple of clean-shaven, young white males wearing dark glasses. Neo-Nazis. Dorian and Bonham went pale. Strangely, it looked as if the skinheads were startled to meet someone they knew. To stifle the terror, Dorian smiled and assured that they were just looking at their car. The skinheads whispered to each other, and suddenly yelled at them, "Get lost, thieves! Never show up in front of us. Better forget you saw us!" "

Dorian gave an enraged look at the two skinheads who were leaving. "What rude chaps! We haven't stolen anything yet!" Bonham stopped Dorian lest they should offend the thugs. "Don't, me lord. Let's run."

At a safe distance away, Dorian and Bonham discussed they might as well let the Major know about the skinheads they'd encountered in the Romanian mountains, considering G's words that NATO team's current mission was the hunt for the extremist Neo-Nazis. They hurried to the house with a telephone.

The two skinheads were Mischa's men who had shaven their head to blend with the Neo-Nazis in their pursuit. They reported to Mischa about the puzzling encounter with the thieves in the remote mountainside. They knew too much to anticipate a positive outcome from Eroica getting involved in their affairs.

Night was falling when Dorian and Bonham reached the big, solitary house, presumably belonging to a leading person in the village.

"If they have a telephone, they may have a car, too," said Dorian, and both chuckled to themselves. Bonham went to search the surrounding of the house for a car, while Dorian went to knock on the door.

"Who is it?" A man's voice asked inside.

"Could I borrow the telephone, please?" asked Dorian.

A stout, middle-aged man came out and smiled at him. He took Dorian to the telephone, showed him how to place a call through the local switchboard, and retired to the other room. It turned out that the line was for the domestic calls only; Dorian couldn't contact the Major in Germany unless he went to the post office in the nearby town. Not knowing the subject was also in Romania, Dorian decided to call James in the hotel in Bucharest and ask him to pass a message to the Major.

No sooner had James picked up the phone than he started whining. "My Lord, where the hell are you? A village near Sighisoara?" Agent C and D, staying in the same room with James, strained their ears. James took a piece of paper out of his pocket and read out a message from the art smuggler, that the goods would be ready for delivery on the 15th. Dorian asked James to contact the Major in Germany and convey important information to him.

"That liar isn't in Germany!" James screamed into the mouthpiece. "He tried to flush me in the toilet as if I were a filth!" Agent C asked James to let him talk to the Earl.

"Pay the phone bill if you want to talk to my lord!" cried James. Dorian was astonished. "Mr. James? What happened? Who's with you?" asked he.

"This is Agent C. Are you calling from a public telephone?"

"--No, it's someone's house in the village."

"Our conversation might be tapped. Please speak very carefully," said C.

Dorian improvised a short message. "I saw two billiard balls."

"Where was it? --I see. I'll tell the Major. Please call us again from a public phone later."

Dorian cut the connection, confused.

The man ('Mr. Stout' hereinafter for convenience' sake) came in with a friendly smile on his face, and asked if Dorian was done.

"I ought to make one more call to a service station, if I may. My car ran out of petrol," explained Dorian. Mr. Stout said that the station would have been closed already. "Too bad we don't have a car. Why don't you stay with us tonight? You're welcome to," suggested Mr. Stout. Dorian declined the offer politely, saying that he was in a hurry. Mr. Stout's face sobered. "This area becomes completely dark at night, and infested with Vampires. Do yourself a favor and stay with us," he insisted in a menacing tone. "... Thank you. Then, I'll go get my friend waiting outside," Dorian said and went out.

Down the front porch, Bonham ran to Dorian and whispered that there were a car and several drums of petrol in the garage. A danger signal.

In the house, Mr. Stout was on the phone, reporting to someone about the suspicious foreigner who had come and made a dubious phone call. Dorian's conversation was tapped. "It seems two Neo-Nazis members are already here. Yes, earlier than planned. He tried to talk about them to a certain German Major." The referral of a German Major attracted the attention of the one on the other end of the line. "It's a young Englishman with curly blond. He doesn't look like a German connection, though. Yes, I made sure he'd stay here tonight..." Then, he caught the sound of car engine outside. Mr. Stout ran to the window and saw his car running away into the dark of the wood. He reported on the phone in panic. "Boss, they were thieves! They stole the only car in this village!"

Dorian and Bonham sighed a sigh of relief in the car. Something was wrong; particularly, the Major's agents staying with James made them apprehensive. They hurried to Sighisoara, the nearest town, to find a public phone, then take a good rest in a hotel.

A hotel in Sighisoara. The report from Berlin came to the Major that the further search on what was left in the Neo-Nazi hideout revealed the date and time of the plutonium delivery: 0400 of the 10th. There were only two more days left. Agent A informed the Major of the arrival of the Earl and Bonham at the hotel lobby, which the Major was apparently anticipating.

Agent A tapped Bonham on his shoulder at the front desk and asked what the two had experienced in the mountain. Meanwhile, the Major went to take Dorian by surprise who was in a phone booth, talking to Agent C.

"You've got something to tell me, haven't you?" Klaus snatched the handset from Dorian, and told C to come to Sighisoara with Agent D. C was happy being released from James.

The Major took Dorian to his room to for questioning. Dorian flopped down on the Major's bed and exclaimed happily, "Oh, what a relief!"

"Insolent! Don't make yourself comfortable in front of me!" scolded the Major, when his R/T beeped. It was from Agent G several kilometers away from Sighisoara, and about the two Neo-Nazi members he and Z (the pair had arrived in Romania, too) witnessed; the skinheads were heading for Brasov, G said. The Major told G to get Z on the R/T, which made G pout a bit. Truth was, the Major was concerned about the safety of his transvestite agent. He asked Z if the Neo-Nazis directed their attention to G.

"No, they didn't, sir. No one would suspect he's a man with heavy make-up."

"That doesn't mean he'd be safe in the future, too. I'll remove the drag queen from the search team of the Neo-Nazis."

Z's descriptions on the two skinheads puzzled Klaus: the moment they saw Agent G and Z, they ran away in their car parked near the village. Neo-Nazis couldn't have known that the two were the agents working for Iron Klaus. He warned Z not to chase them too far lest those were the Russian's subordinates.

Returning to Dorian's interrogation, Klaus asked him if the Neo-Nazis they had met inflicted violence on them.

"No, they just left," Dorian answered.

Klaus reminded him that homosexuals were also the target of their hatred, and that a man of a questionable appearance like Dorian would have been beaten to a pulp.

"'Questionable' is your biased opinion," Dorian complained, then added after a brief consideration, "Come to think of it, the skinheads were biased, too. While we hadn't stolen anything, they called us thieves."

That confirmed the Major's suspicion that the skinheads were the former KGB operatives faking Neo-Nazis to disturb NATO's search.

A piece of paper was found in the car Dorian and Bonham had stolen from the house. It said: May 10th, 04:00; at the castle; a reliquary casket and three icons - - the date and time of the plutonium delivery and the articles Eroica had ordered. It was the evidence that the art-smuggling route agreed with that of the plutonium. The reliquary casket according to Dorian's description was just the right size to contain the plutonium, thought the Major, but kept the thought to himself.

"It's the dealings between the former Romanian secret police and the Neo-Nazis," Klaus menaced Dorian in a low voice. "A nuclear warhead missile of the former Soviet army," he lied to scare the stubborn thief away. Dorian blanched. "Good-bye, and good luck to your mission, Major." Dorian and Bonham left the hotel hurriedly.

The Major sent Agent B to look into the man in the remote house - apparently a contact person of the organization - , and the others to locate "the castle" in the memo by the appointed time. The time was pressed, and there was a possibility that Mischa's men in disguise of Neo Nazis might attempt to intercept the plutonium.

May 9th. A truck went up the mountain through a small village in Transylvania the previous night. The village chief made a round to spread the authorities' official ban on going into the forest for a day, as a group of researchers were working near the ruin of the castle on the mountain top.

At dusk, the Major and alphabets were in the village, looking up at the castle, when one of them spotted a group of skinheads in his binoculars. They were Mischa and his subordinates. The Major and A&B hurried into the woods so they wouldn't be behind the Russians. The villagers tried to scare them off with the vampire legends, to no avail. The fearless ones were not only the Germans. Dorian, whose determination to acquire the reliquary casket overcame the fear of the nuclear missile, accompanied by unwilling Bonham, followed them a little behind. Dorian was worried that the dealer would sell the casket to someone else while he was kept waiting for five days. The village chief reported to "the forest authority (Nosferatu and Mr. Stout)" about the two groups of the foreigners who had forced their way into the mountain. By then, Lepasque had learned that the Germans were NATO's "Iron Klaus" and his men.

Midnight. The NATO three and Mischa and his subordinates ran into each other in front of the eerie castle ruins. Knowing better than to start scuffling, Klaus and Mischa ordered their men to stay outside and watch the surroundings, and rushed to the entrance, pushing and shoving each other in silence.

At the end of a dark corridor of the ground floor of the castle, Klaus and Mischa spotted a room where the Neo-Nazis and the Ukraine smugglers were chatting. Nosferatu was nowhere in sight. At a rustling sound behind them, Mischa pushed the Major against the wall behind the corner to hide themselves. They caught a glimpse of Eroica and Bonham scurrying along the passageway. Mischa raised his voice and demanded Klaus what Eroica had to do with a nuclear substance.

One Ukraine strained his ears at the sound of the stifled argument outside the room, and came out to check. He headed for the storage room where Eroica and Bonham had sneaked into. Dorian saw a paper package on the shelf the shape of which looked exactly like the reliquary casket. Ignoring Bonham's terrified look, Dorian tore the wrapping paper of the corner and identified the content. "This is it!" He lifted the casket and staggered with its unexpected weight, when the Ukraine came in the room. "Who are you!? What're you doing here!?" But his cry was smothered by the Major's hand that covered his mouth from behind and Mischa's punch on his solar plexus.

"That's it, Iron Klaus." The Major and Mischa dropped the unconscious Ukraine on the ground and raised their hands at the submachine gun in Mr. Stout's hands. Constantin Lepasque was standing beside him, wearing a wig, a hat, glasses and a false moustache. Lepasque mocked Mischa for his having to work with the NATO Major. The Neo-Nazis and the remaining Ukraines rushed to the scene, asking what the matter was. Lepasque told them that the extra faces were all his acquaintances, and they should go back to Germany and Russia, now that the transaction was over.

The Neo-Nazis took the casket, and scowled at Bonham who tried to stop Dorian making a fuss over his treasure. "Don't, me lord. They'll beat you up!" The thugs laid hands on Bonham. "Let's take this one with us. His benign look may be useful at the checkpoint gate." Then they knocked the hell out of Dorian who tried to stop them, and abducted Bonham.

There remained Nosferatu, Mr. Stout with the gun, Mischa, Klaus, and Dorian lying flat on the floor. Nosferatu poked Dorian with the tip of his cane, asking, "Who the hell is this softy?" Mischa snorted, saying it was a homosexual thief, and Klaus sighed at the wretchedness of Dorian.

"Was it your idea to sell the nuclear substance to them?" demanded Mischa to Nosferatu, who nodded happily, "Yes, Mischa. If the right-wing extremists use the plutonium produced by the Communists to destroy the democracy of Western Europe, that would be the hilarious finale of the Cold War. The world would be interesting again as it used to be in the good old days. It was worth living for long," cackled Nosferatu. "I'll execute the big names of NATO and the former KGB; I'll decorate your bodies with an astounding story. ...Let's see, how do you like the Neo Nazi nuclear attack turning out to be the conspiracy between the German army and the former KGB? It goes like this: the negotiation breaks down at the last moment and you end up killing each other." Klaus scoffed at it as a deranged old man's nonsense, but Nosferatu went on happily, "If it goes well, there will be three-way wars among Russia, Germany and NATO, a glorious closing of the 20th century. Now, let's get to work on making likely bodies..."

The moment the old man took a step forward, Dorian's arm caught his right leg and brought him down on the ground. Taken by surprise, Mr. Stout was beaten up by Mischa easily. Klaus snatched the old man's cane away and seized him by the collar, threatening that he'd drive the cane into his heart. Mischa demanded that Lepasque should be taken to Russia for interrogations by the former KGB, and carried Nosferatu on his shoulder. He then stood in the Major's way, claiming that it was also his job to go after and retrieve the plutonium. Dorian cut in on their argument, and pleaded them to go rescue Mr. Bonham. The two scowled at Dorian and started blaming him for everything. In return, Dorian criticized the Major for his lie about the nuclear missile. Nosferatu took delight in the quarrel amongst the three. "Go! Go and kill each other!" hissed the bloodthirsty old man on Mischa's shoulder. Klaus slapped Nosferatu's head, and they set about the chase for the Neo-Nazis.

Meanwhile, four young agents outside the castle witnessed the Neo-Nazis and the Ukraines going down the road in the separate trucks. A&B went after the Neo- Nazis, while the shaven Russians chased the Ukraines on foot. Agent A radioed the alphabets waiting on the foot of the mountain to stop the Neo-Nazis' truck, which they failed to do. On the other hand, Mischa's men could manage to apprehend the Ukraines who mistook the skinheads running after them for the Neo-Nazis and bothered to stop. The Russians drove the truck back to the castle where the others were waiting. The alphabets below reported that the truck of Neo-Nazis carrying the plutonium and Bonham left the village, heading north.

The group studied the map. Crossing a mountain would be the only shortcut to forestall the truck. Mischa suggested that they should go over the mountain and descend to the Romanian army base nearby; they would be able to cross the river running between the base and the road by a tank, and lay in wait for the Neo- Nazis. For this once the Major had to ask Mischa for his help to borrow a tank from the Romanian army.

At the base, Mischa blackmailed a Romanian Colonel who had been assisted by the former KGB several times when he was in the WPO army, and loaned a T72. Klaus took the commander's seat and one of Mischa's men steered the tank. Dorian, who was reluctant to get in, was forced to sit on the gunner's seat. Klaus and Mischa started calling each other names in the confined space as soon as the tank started rumbling along. Mischa mocked the Major for riding the former enemy's tank; Klaus listed up all the shortcomings of T72 over the roar of the moving tank, threatening Dorian that the automatic loader right next to him might blow off the gunner's arm. Mischa shouted at Klaus that the Western bloc's tanks were good-for-nothing with huge bodies. Klaus sneered.

"Iraq was defeated in the Gulf War because they employed T72. In Germany, we had to dispose all the tanks in the former East German army after the unification!"

"Iraq's T72 were destroyed by the tanks of the US and GB armies. None was ruined by Leopard!" retorted Mischa.

"So what!?" said Klaus.

All of a sudden, Klaus shoved Dorian off his seat, and blasted a shell at the coming truck of the Neo Nazis. It exploded right next to the truck. The second one hit the same spot. In the truck, the skinheads lost their head completely and Bonham went white at the realization who were in the tank. They'd be lucky if they could ever get out of this alive. Mischa pushed Klaus away, claiming that he'd show him how to "hit" the target. Before Klaus could warn Mischa that they were not supposed to blow up the truck carrying plutonium, Mischa fired a breaking shell (w/o powder) straight into the truck. By a sheer luck, it went through the walls of the container and landed on the ground on the other side of the truck. Everyone, including Mischa himself, was freaked out.

Klaus blasted another shell near the truck to finish off the Neo-Nazis' fighting spirits. They surrendered, and Bonham and Dorian embraced each other in tears of great relief. Klaus and Mischa started another quarrel over to which one's country the plutonium-filled reliquary should be brought back. Giving no heed to the thief's ownership of the casket, they decided to return to the village and discuss the disposition of the nuclear substance. Dorian declined Klaus's offer of a ride on the truck with them. Neither did he want to be packed with the Neo-Nazis on the bed, nor sit with Klaus and Mischa to further listen to their snarls. Mischa told Dorian to wait for a car dispatched from the army base to retrieve the tank. He didn't forget to remind Eroica that it was no use stealing a Russian tank.

Dorian was alarmed at the sight of the boar and bear leaving in suddenly good spirits on the truck. Empirically speaking, Mischa and Klaus got along only when they call the police for Eroica . It was better to leave the spot as quickly as possible;.

All the trouble went for nothing. Running along the deserted dirt road with Bonham, Eroica swore to himself that some day he'd get his own back on the Major in the places more familiar to him. Then, there was a godsend, a sightseeing bus coming toward them. The passengers who took notice of who were waving at the bus and asking for a ride wept for joy, too. It was the group of Dracula Tour, stressed out by Mr. James.


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"Nosferatu" summary copyright Mme Cusack.