Eroica Archive Posting Interface


  • You may archive either a file, which will reside on the archive site, or a link to material which is located elsewhere on the web. At present, only text files can be stored on the archive site. Links may be to artwork or videos as well as stories.
  • Material (files or links) must be suitable for this archive. Please read the Archive Rules for accepting material.
  • If you are archiving a file, please read the help file on formatting text files for uploading. Only plain text files are supported. Please save your story in plain text with blank lines between paragraphs for best results. The archive will automatically convert the file to HTML.
  • Please fill out all required fields. If you want more information about a field, click on its name in the form for help.
  • Spell/capitalize the information you input exactly as you wish it to appear in the archive.
  • Please do not include special characters (exclamation points, question marks, ampersands, etc.) in author names. For security purposes, we cannot accept these characters.
  • Please double-check all the information you have included before submitting!
  • You MUST turn previewing OFF to actually archive the story!

It looks like your browser can't handle file uploads. To double-check, look below and see whether there's a Browse... button in the File to upload field. If it's there, great, you can do uploads. If not, that means that you can't use this to archive your story or to post it to Eroica Mailing List.

Add a file to the archive:
Use this section if you are uploading a file to the archive.
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Preview Story:
For archiving files only.
Please use this option the first time you upload (text files only), so you can see how the story will look. Must be turned OFF to archive.
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Post text file to mailing list:
For archiving files only.
The author's address you give below must be subscribed to the list to post.
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Email file to author:
For archiving files only.
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Email comments:
For archiving files only.
Select yes if you want comments/reviews automatically emailed to you.
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Email Address of Author:
Required only if you selected yes to any of the three previous options. Optional otherwise.
File to archive:

Required when adding a file to the archive.
Please browse to the file you wish to upload. Note that you must upload a file or add a link (not both.)
Add a link to the archive: Yes No
Post link to mailing list:
For archiving links only.
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Email Address of Submitter:
Required only if you selected yes to the previous option.
Direct URL of linked file:
Required when adding a link to the archive.
Note that you must add a link or upload a file (not both.)
Author name or pseudonym:
Website of Author:
Status of entry:
In-Progress Complete Revised
General Restricted Adult
Please indicate the format of your material.
Drabble Vignette Short story
Chapter Novellette/Novella Novel
Reference Article Poem Script
Manga/Comic Artwork Other
Check all that apply.
Alternate Universe Adventure Drama
Humor Slash Het
Friendship Romance Erotica
Hurt/Comfort Angst Crossover
Major Characters:
Check all that apply.
Dorian Klaus James
Bonham Jones Mr. A
Mr. B Mr. G Mr. Z
Chief (Director) Misha Polar Bear
Volovolonte Salim al Sabaah Caesar Gabriel
Klaus' father Tyrian Persimmon Benedict Red
Other male canonical Other female canonical Original male
Original female
Check all that apply.
Dorian/Klaus Dorian/Other (male) Dorian/Other (female)
Klaus/Other (male) Klaus/Other (female) Other M/M
Other M/F Other F/F
Content Notices:
Check all that apply.
Explicit sex Nonconsensual sex BDSM
MPreg Character death Torture
Extreme violence Permanent injury
Please keep your summary brief (2-4 lines).
If this story is part of a series or a chapter in a longer work by the same author, please enter the title of the series here.
If this story is a sequel to another by the same author, please enter the title of the previous story here.
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