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Wardrobe of Dorian Red

An Illustrated Guide


This part of the site is devoted to a collection of images and descriptions of the clothing worn by Dorian Red Gloria in the manga From Eroica With Love (Eroica Yori Ai O Komete). The wardrobe will be presented in order by volume of the manga, with a description of each outfit and one or more images to illustrate. (Sometimes more than one image is necessary to show details.)

Each image has been cropped to focus as much as possible on Dorian himself. Other characters, dialogue, and much of the background have been edited out wherever practical.

I have put together an item-by-item description of the clothing and accessories worn in each outfit, along with any comments that occurred to me. The text descriptions are accompanied by thumbnail images, which you can click to see the images at full size.

I will add to this collection as time allows, so check back for future updates.