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No. 5: Dramatic Spring

Costumes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Title page of No. 5


Dark, close-fitting top, sleeveless, very deep V-neckline.

Transparent lace shawl or wrap, light-colored, draped over left arm and shoulder.


Knotted choker, could be cord (velvet?) or leather; dark color.

Two loops of chain necklace, the upper one with pendant loops.

Plain ring worn on fourth finger of right hand.


The ring has moved from its usual location.

No. 5, #1
Following title page, No. 5.


Dark (prob. black) very close-fitting short-sleeved top, scoop or V neckline.

Tights or leggings, to match top (or this could be a one-piece catsuit.)

Voluminous cloak, dark color, draped over right arm and shoulder.

Dark (black) boots, to below knee, worn over tights or leggings.


Heavy, patterned cuff bracelet on left wrist.

Dark fishnet gloves, wrist length.

Plain ring worn on third finger of right hand.

Wide belt, dark, with pattern.

Long sash, medium color, knotted over left hip, with trailing ends.


A somewhat fanciful version of Dorian's standard thieving outfit. The fishnet gloves are a nice touch.

No. 5, #2
At home.


Dark, close-fitting top, short sleeves, scoop neck.

Light-colored, close-fitting trousers.

Transparent gauze robe, very loose-fitting, open in front, full length.


Heavy, patterned cuff bracelets on both wrists.

Plain ring worn on third finger of right hand.

Wide, light-colored sash, no fastening visible.


A typical casual outfit, plus the gauze robe for lounging around in.

No. 5, #3
At the criminals' conference, Dorian's castle.


Dark, close-fitting top with low scoop neck. Wide band of patterned trim around neckline. Sleeves not visible, but probably sleeveless or short-sleeved.

Dark tunic, below hip length, close-fitting through waist. Deep V neckline, open to waist. Long sleeves, close-fitting above elbow and flaring widely below. Wide bands of patterned trim around neckline, hem, and lower edge of sleeves. Matches top worn underneath.

Light-colored trousers or leggings, close-fitting, no detail visible.


Two loops around base of neck, looks like rigid material, possibly torque-style necklaces.

Wide cuff bracelets on both wrists. Dark color.

Wide belt or sash, medium color.


A definite medieval influence here -- to go with the castle, perhaps?

No. 5, #4a
No. 5, #4b
In bed, Dorian's castle.


Nightshirt or robe, very loose-fitting, light-colored. No collar, very low V-neck, possibly a wrap closing. Long sleeves, very full, with wide, fitted cuffs.


None visible.


Luxurious nightwear to go with the opulent setting of Dorian's bedroom. (Interestingly, he appears to sleep in a single bed.)

No. 5, #5
At the French gangster's house in Paris, and on return to England.


Formal wear. Light-colored shirt with double-ruffled jabot.

Light-colored waistcoat, edgestitching around front edges and hem.

Dark suit jacket, worn open.

Dark trousers to match jacket, with front creases.

Coat, very loose-fitting, flares from neck to hem; mid-thigh length, medium color. Long sleeves, wide cuffs.

The fateful underwear.

Dark socks, to mid-calf.

Dark, laced shoes, with substantial heels -- looks like about 2".


Light-colored bow tie.

Light-colored handkerchief in left breast pocket of jacket. Scalloped edges.

Plain ring on third finger of right hand.


A fairly conventional evening suit, not very "flashy" except for the jabot.

No. 5, #6a No. 5, #6b
At the peace summit.


Shirt, light-colored with dotted pattern, long-sleeved, wide collar and lapel. Worn open at the neck.

Suit jacket, light-colored, worn open.

Light-colored trousers, with front creases.

Light-colored boots.


Thin chain necklace, two loops, medium length.

Plain ring on third finger of right hand.

Belt or sash to match shirt. Topstitching along upper and lower edges; no fastening visible.


Another leisure suit. Well, it was circa 1980. The interesting thing about this one is how it stays perfectly clean even after he goes down the chimney.

No. 5, #7

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